Business insider: Korčula on the 30 must see places list for 2016.

Business insider: Korčula on the 30 must see places list for 2016.

Business insider, business, technology and celebrity website has put the island of Korčula on the list of world’s 30 must see tourist spots for 2016. This online media has joined the ranks of New York Times and Huffington Post who have previously written about this rather unspoilt island full of vineyards and olive tree groves, beautiful bays and blue Mediterranean sea waters.

It has to be said that this island has a great potential in the development of the medical tourism as the county’s only medical rehabilitation center is situated right at the end of the island of Korčula. So this news should be welcomed as the business online publications are bringing the island to the attention of business population and general public alike and this may bring potential investors   in the game of re-development of the state run rehabilitation center. One has to reinstate the fact that the niche development of tourism sector and  in particular the openings in the medical segment of the Croatia tourism market has a great deal of potential. It must be the integrated part of any government strategy as the best know destination such as Dubrovnik may enhance the prospects of having rather successful pre and post season revenues.

The branding of Dubrovnik as a medical center of excellence also ought to be done as the project such as Golf Srđ have got the green light. Looking from the personal and professional perspective it is such a shame that little support and government funding has been geared towards the medical agencies. To my knowledge very few exist on the territory of Croatia, practically none in the city of Dubrovnik.

Beauty and know how are two ingredients which go together in any formula that has a happy ending to the story. When the opportunity knocks one has to recognize its potential and its general scope and the opportunity only gives you one shot so we better get the right one. 

Author: Srđ Portolan


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