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Is Croatia’s VIP and Dubrovnik VIP concierge service booming?

We have conducted this interview with Croatia’s and Dubrovnik’s top VIP concierge agent Mr Kristan Vrbanic who has been working with VIP clients from all over world for the past 20 years at Intercon Dubrovnik and recently for Dubrovnik Luxury Travel ?

dubrovnik luxury travel operations manager
dubrovnik luxury travel operations manager

Q: In your capacity as a Business Development Manager and Operations Manager for Intercon Group of Companies,what are your experiences when it comes to VIP Concierge Service in Dubrovnik and Croatia.

A: I have been in this business for the past 20 years and over the time I gained so many contacts and experience and it is a bit stupid to say so of myself but I like to think that I am the best choice when it comes to choosing your VIP agent and VIP agency in Croatia and Dubrovnik and the whole of Adriatic not forgetting Montenegro as an upcoming destination.

Q: Don’t you think that is a bit OTT?

A:Well, a list of my clients says it all. I have serviced some of the most influential people in the world. You must also understand that I and the luxury travel agency I work for Dubrovnik Luxury travel offer all in one, comprehensive service. Intercon is not only a travel but also a yacht agency which means that we are also top choice when it comes to yacht captains and owners as we can sort out their clearance in and out paperwork but equally organize all types of concierge services in Croatia & Montenegro.

Q: How does this differ from the others?

A: Well, it is simple, I have a finished product whereas the others have bits and pieces. Recently, I had a call from a fellow colleague who wanted me to help him out with the top VIP yacht charter transfer from Dubrovnik to Porto Montenegro, because he needed an agent to sort out the paperwork with border crossing. I helped him out but you can imagine the shock the client would receive if I was to charge for my services,

Q: So, if I were an agent from the States what kind of advice you would give to me?

A: Choose your VIP concierge partner in Croatia wisely, ask them to show you the reference list upon meeting them. Choose a reliable partner who can do all types of VIP services in Croatia on your behalf. There are people who can book you the luxury villa in Dubrovnik but when asked about the security and personal protection issues they do not have a clue. There are people who can book you a yacht charter and then rely on the captains to take a client out for a lunch.

I travel personally with my VIP clients and ensure that they receive top quality service at all times.

Q: Do I need to be a superstar to be your client?

A: No, Each client is different and each client deserves respect and special approach. When you are in this type of business, every client is a good client.

Q: If you are to sum up your type of business in one word, what would that be?

A: I would say lifestyle management in Croatia or even better luxury lifestyle management in Croatia