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Dubrovnik Luxury Travel offers a unique way of luxury holidaying in Dubrovnik region and the whole of Croatia. From the moment you touch the runaway, we offer a comprehensive service of organizing your clearance in, premium transfer service to your luxury hotel or villa destination, last minute luxury villa bookings and luxury yacht charter. Turn to us with confidence and contact our Operations manager Kristian Vrbanic on +385 (0)98 324 657 or kristian@intercon.hr

DLT – Your Luxury Getway to Croatia!!!

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Dubrovnik Real Estate Market Trending? By Srđ Portolan

Srđ Portolan talks about digital millenial generation which on the international property markets is willing to take risks when it comes to investing into SEE markets. Portolan, in his capacity as a director of Spes real estate agency which is part of his Intercon Group of Companies, remarks that more younger professionals are ready to take on a challenge of entering the business property ladder in the Old City of Dubrovnik. What is more, Srđ admits that more often than not this is not an easy task, because it often means that by purchasing a run down house they quit their highly paid jobs in return for hard working, long term return yielding jobs of B&B owners. According to the well established Croatian property website Centar Nekretnine upward cost of renovation per sq/m in the Old City may come up to 1500 Eur. In spite of the former, Dubrovnik invasion of foreign property developers could be compared to that of Syrian and other refugees who are droving into Germany. The recent Deutsche Bank reports are announcing the stagnation of the German GDP. In Croatia and Dubrovnik as tourist season 2015 is coming to close, the Croatian Ministry of Tourism is announcing that tourist season 2015 was the record one in the terms of the net profits. Srđ Portolan concludes that this gives a boost to the Croatian economy at time when the GDP is expected to grow 1% by the end of the year.

Srđ Portolan also advises future investors to choose their legal representatives wisely. Srđ has been co-operating successfully with Viktorija Knezevic and Marina Maslek Law Office in Dubrovnik over the years. Portolan tells us is that what he likes about Viktorija Knežević who has accomplished herself as a successful read experienced civil and merchant lawyer is her direct approach and Viktorija’s tons of experience, primordial when purchasing your private or business property as what you really need to open your eyes about is property’s clean title. Yet another thing that Viktorija Knezevic and Marina Maslek Law Office in Dubrovnik can advise you about is which route to take while purchasing your property: private or business one. It pays to know that sometimes business route is the right choice when buying a private property.

Srđ Portolan is a director of Spes Real Estate Agency and the director of Dubrovnik Luxury Travel, companies which fall under umbrella of Intercon Group of Companies.

Viktorija Knezevic and Marina Maslek is a Law Office in Dubrovnik specializing in civil and merchant law.

Villa Sheherezade – the Taj Mahal of the Mediterranean

I cannot count the number of times when my British friends visiting from London would ask me, Oh what is that blue thingy building over there. And I would proudly answer to them that that is Croatian Taj Villa SheherezadeMahal. There is something romantic about the fact that a foreign wealthy industrialist of unknown Eastern or at least Centrally European roots decided to built this imposing villa for his mistress, supposedly exotic dancer who went under the name of Sheherezade, back in the late 20’s.

The truth about this soppy romantic story will be sealed forever and would stay Prague’s best kept secret. ( Oh dear I just revealed his origin ) as for the fact that the poor mistress never trespassed the villa’s threshold.

Interior designed is impeccable, its furnishings are rich in textureVilla Sheherezade and colour and I am glad that this has worked perfectly well for this villa and its five luxury bedrooms. However, the point that I would like to make, if I worked 24/7 in a high flyers position for bank,blue chip company or government I would opt out for this villa because of its exterior. It has 4000m2 of pine forest, cypress trees and palms, excellent for devising Villa Sheherezadetakeovers, foreign policies or new business strategies, if you catch my drift, during early morning and early evening walks.

Some people would argue that it does not have fine sand beach but amazingly this villa has a swimming pool inbuilt in the terrace yet close enough to smell the Adriatic. After all, this place has a pier that can get you to your yacht in no time. And it is so secluded that is ideal for all those seeking privacy. Yes it is indeed glamorous but do not let this be off putting so grab your phone and call Darijan or Kristian, experts from Dubrovnik Luxury Travel to get the best available quote for summer 2015.

In the meantime guess what I’ll be doing. Watching “Play it again Sam” in Villa Sheherezade media room right under the blue dome. I Villa Sheherezadeonly wish!!!

Dubrovnik and its future perspective in tourism industry.

Before I embark on writing these lines I would to point out that by no means am I an expert in the field that is to say that I hold no masters degree in tourism management. What I do have is first class information, gathered through association with people who work in Dubrovnik tourism industry, present and those who have done so for the past 30 years.

The so called new economy has developed at the speed of light, accompanied with the new technologies and the internet has made the planet Earth a rather small globe.

As the author of these lines, throughout my life, I have lived in London, Barcelona, Aix en Provence and Moscow at the end of the last century. Every time when I was asked where did I come from and when I answered Croatia what would follow would be that famous question which would resonate for me in the annoying way : “where was that?”. On the contrary, when the answer was Dubrovnik what would follow were the nods of approval and smiles on people’s faces with that famous sentence.” Oh I was there”, “Beautiful city”. Say noDubrovnik Old City Carmen more I thought to myself as I was admiring the power of panel advertising on London Underground tube stations. Only these days at the beginning of the 21 century there are millions of Dubrovnik panels on the internet and with direct channels of selling planes, hotels, villas for holidays, the scopes are enormous up to the point that the people as far as Brazil jump on their planes and come holidaying to Croatia and Dubrovnik.

The opinion of the locals regarding the future of their city is divided. While some recognize the need for progress and see imminent the construction of new five star hotels, real estate villas and apartments others strongly oppose it. A typical example was a golf project on Srdj Hill overlooking Dubrovnik when the calls were being made that this was an eco genocide which had the makings of a luxury villa real estate project. For all I know the owners of the “pastures” were paid promptly, in other words someone invested their time and money and personal reputation not only to earn money but to bring money to Dubrovnik. Golfers are people with huge disposable income and they choose to stay in modern urban accommodation. Now when I think that there are only six golf courses in the whole of Croatia and four of them are in Istria my maths is telling me that we are lagging behind. Golfers are also highly educated business people and they more often than not choose to host their incentives and business conferences in places where they can play golf. I am not a member of golf lobby but I just follow the logic that arrival of rich clients would make space for quality content in the Old City. Think of all high quality restaurants, Dubrovnik Old City St Mary'sart galleries, clothes boutiques, jobs in the construction industry, jobs in the service industry. And let me get this straight to you. If anything we need high quality real estate projects if we are to sustain the development of our tourism industry in the future. As I have outlined above, times have changed. With the arrival of globalization and new technologies the competition has increased and people with high disposable income got used to being “pampered” around the globe. So even if they are to fall in love with views over the island of Lokrum and the Old city while they are staying in the hotels such as Excelsior, Argentina or villas such as Victoria, Agave, Glavic,Dubrovnik and Sheherezade these rich clients cannot purchase a modern urban villa so that they can repeatedly return to Dubrovnik and Croatia.

Dubrovnik Luxury Travel  has teamed up with Spes Estate, Dubrovnik’s most reputable real estate agency.

Srđ Portolan, DLT’s member of the management board has signed business co-operation agreement with Mr Frano Bezić of Spes Estate Dubrovnik. Mr Bezić stressed out that luxury travel and real estate go hand in hand as they complement each other. Clients arriving to view houses on sale and apartments on sale in Dubrovnik are serviced by the likes of Dubrovnik Luxury Travel and vice versa. Currently there is a huge land development in Dubrovnik’s most favourite quarter Ploce on sale, 52 000 m2 with planned construction of modern day villas. Mr Bezic stressed out that among luxury travel holidaymakers there are always successful businesspeople, potential real estate buyers and investors alike.

Welcome to Bollywood, Welcome to Dubrovnik – Croatia

After the HBO’s cult series The Game of Thrones, hugely successful Indian film industry Bollywood which hails its name from its center Bollywood Empire studiosof Mumbai and makes the important piece of the Indian Hindi language based industry is coming to Dubrovnik. According to the article which has been written in today’s Croatian daily “Jutarnji list” one of India’s most popular actor Shah Mukr Khan is set to star in the movie titled “Fan” The shooting has already started in Mumbai and is set to continue in Dubrovnik in the year 2015. Indian outbound tourism industry is becoming increasingly popular and this move will boost Croatia as a destination onto the Indian Travel market. The sources from the Croatian daily “Jutarnji list” claims than on every one hundred employees from the movie industry comes another two to three hundred in the building, travel, tourism and hospitality sectors.The film segment of the tourism market itself is set to net 60 million HRK alone in the forthcoming year and this is without extra revenue generated from tourism and hospitality sectors.

Only HBO’s new production of the Game of Thrones with filming taking places in Dubrovnik, Split and Sibenik is set to bring 43 millionGame of Thrones film location HRK.

We at Dubrovnik Luxury Travel welcome the arrival of Bollywood glamor and look forward to service Bollywood film crews be it regarding their Dubrovnik accommodation, Dubrovnik transportation, Dubrovnik yacht charter needs or perhaps finding new exotic Dubrovnik film locations.

The author of this article is Srdj Portolan, a founding member of Intercon Group of Companies, a board director at Spes Real Estate and Dubrovnik Luxury Travel.

Dubrovnik as bachelor and hen parties destination!!! Why not???

Dubrovnik Croatia is considered to be one of the world’s hotspots for the weddings because of its unprecedented beauty. It is not by chance that American socialites Fabiola Beracasa chose Dubrovnik srđ portolan bachelor and hento “fortify”her love to her husband Jason Beckham. We at DLT have been thinking of starting a new trend, organising bachelor and hen parties in some of our summer residency houses, setting everything up from catering to DJ entertainment. The idea as such sound appealing because in the post season months weather permitting you can still enjoy Dubrovnik Riviera and have a bit of fun. The idea started rolling out as some of our international investment bankers clients were so amazed by Dubrovnik and its Riviera beauty that they enquired regarding a possibility to organize a bachelor’s party in the summer residence Srđ Portolan summer residencehouse in Konavle region of Dubrovnik Riviera. We are hoping to attract the right type of a client who will not solely indulge in large quantities of alcohol ( no one wants the remake of the Hangover film scenes ) but who would also appreciate the cultural aspects of the region and even the neighboring countries, going on the individually tailored tour from Dubrovnik to Montenegro.

Dear blog and social media readers we would like to hear your ideas as well, how would you imagine your bachelor or hen night party. Perhaps you are put in charge of organizing someone’s party and right now you have come across this post. The idea of Croatia and especially Dubrovnik as bachelor or hen night party host is attractive because it combines culture,nature and fun. All you need to do is to sort out your getting to Dubrovnik transport issue and we would take care of the rest.

The author of this article is Srdj Portolan, a founding member of Intercon Group of Companies, a board director at Spes Real Estate and Dubrovnik Luxury Travel.

Say Yes I do in luxury style in Dubrovnik Croatia !!!

The September’s issue of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazine Vogue covered Dubrovnik wedding of the year, when American socialites Fabiola Beracasa and Jason Beckman said Yes I do in the luxurious settings of Sponza Palace. Thousand of brides to

wedding fabiola beracasa
Dubrovnik 2014 Wedding of the Year

be are thinking of this dream wedding that has taken place in Dubrovnik, Croatia and has given golden PR opportunity to the Old City of Dubrovnik as an ideal wedding location.

So how do I go about having similar type of wedding Fabiola Beracasa and Jason Beckam had is the question posed by the brides to be? Depending on the type of wedding and if we are talking medium size wedding of up to 100 guests and if you want to make it special then we at Dubrovnik Luxury Travel have a solution for you as we are co-operating with the best wedding agency in the town the name of which I will conceal ( trick of the trade ) and the best luxury chain of hotels: Adriatic Luxury Hotels ( you got to have a freebe tip ). However if you want your Dubrovnik luxury wedding locationwedding to be top private affair in the top private location overlooking the Old Town and the island of love: Lokrum, then we have something for you that will suit your needs and put a great smile on your partner’s face. So do not worry, if you want church wedding, civil partnership wedding, Jewish wedding, Indian wedding and in the style of Robbie Williams lyrics in his song Rock DJ instead of singing Can I kick it, Yes I Can, we at Dubrovnik Luxury Travel sing it, Can we kick it, Yes we Can!!!

Srdj Portolan te kako se razvijao dubrovački turizam nakon Domovinskoga rata

Tvrtka Intercon Dubrovnik prošla je dugačak put razvoja od svojih skromnih početaka kao rent a car agencija davne 1995. do današnje renomirane turističke i pomorske agencije. Pitali smo Srđa Portolana, člana uprave Intercona Dubrovnik, koliko se toga promijenilo u razvoju turizma otkada je njegov otac također Srđ Portolan hrabro odlučio krenuti u rent-a-car poslovanje, netom nakon završetka

Srdj Portolan

Domovinskoga rata. Srđ nam je objasnio da je njegov otac znanje i iskustvo stečeno kroz dvadesetogodišnji rad na raznim razinama poslovanja u turizmu jednostavno primjenio u njihovoj tvrtci. Portolan mlađi nam nadalje naglašava da je u svakoj vrsti poslovanja imperativ imati viziju. Srdj je tu viziju imao za luksuzni korporativni segment turizma.

Srđ Portolan dalje elaborira da je u vrijeme odmah nakon završetka rata veliki broj stranih državnika posjećivao Dubrovnik i Hrvatsku te je njihov dolazak predstavljao zlatnu priliku za oblikovanje cjelokupne usluge servisiranja njihovoga dolaska. Srdj nam je rekao da je u to vrijeme imao ono što se u svijetu „biznisa“ zove “zlatna koka” u djelatnosti rent-a-car-a te da se mogao usredotočiti na razvijanje luksuznoga korporativnoga segmenta. Srđ Portolan nam je priznao da se dubrovački turizam, po njegovom mišljenju, razvija u smjeru omasovljenja, odnosno kvantitete a ne kvalitete, te da nije siguran u njegov krajni ishod. Srđ nam dalje objašnjava da su male agencije prepoznale mogućnosti u segmentu rent a cara i krenuli kopirati jedni druge. U toj konkurentskoj borbi „malih“ veliki igrači namirisali su priliku te su svojom jačinom u količinskoj sposobnosti da ispostave auto bilo gdje poklopili male konkurente i to s najpresudnijim čimbenikom: cijenom.

Iznenada Srđ je bio suočen s gašenjem jednoga segmenta turističkoga tržišta koji mu je omogućavao da se usredotoči na razvijanje svoje tvrtke u drugim smjerovima tj. da pronađe najprofitabilniji segment. Srdj nam kaže da se u danome momentu, poučen uspjehom servisiranja korporativnoga diplomatskoga segmenta, odlučio razvijati u smjeru kvalitete i luksuza. Srđ nam dalje predočitava kako je dolaskom diplomata i političara nastupio i dolazak slavnih i „jet seta“. Srdj se nadovezuje te nam govori kako se naglo javila potreba za pomorskim agentima budući da su se slavnSrdj Portolani vozili morskim putem. Srđ nam dalje objašnjava kako je Intercon Dubrovnik od rent-a-car agencije postao pomorska agencija. Srđ je također uvido da je pojava branda u luksuznom turizmu presudna za daljnji razvoj njegovog poslovanja. Tako su i nastala dva branda: “Dubrovnik Luxury Travel” za putnički dio te “Adriatic Yacht Services” za pomorski dio agencije.

No Srđ Portolan se tu ne zaustavlja. Srdj obožava sport, tenis, trčanje, ronjenje i sve adrenalinske sportove. Srđ je veliki motivator te rado osobno provjerava usluge koje plasira na svojim web stranicama. Na nedavno održanome incentivu kojemu su prisustvovali svi djelatnici “DLT-a” i “AYS” Srdj je bio oduševljenSrdj Portolan slobodnim padom niz kanjon rijeke Cetine dok je priključen na sajlu pod adrenalinskim naponom izbacivao svu nakupljenu negativnu energiju smišljajući pritom kako bi bilo idealno uvrstiti ovaj pad kao dio incentiva za nadolazeće grupe. Prema nekim slobodnim procjenama sve je veći broj mladih profesionalaca koji žele obići pojedinu zemlju i upoznati njene prirodne ljepote i kulturnu baštinu kroz ovaj oblik turizma.

Srđu poželimo sreću u njegovim nadolazećim poslovnim aktivnostima u nadi da će i ovaj segment turizma doživiti svoje luksuzno izdanje u novim podvizima Srđa Portolana

Portolan Srđ and some of his viewpoints on Dubrovnik luxury travel market

Portolan Srdj
Srdj Portolan, a member of DLT management board

In the previous blogs we have written a lot about Srđ Portolan and his viewpoint on the development of the nautical tourism in Croatia. Srdj for his part was fascinated by the so called “French” model who were among the first who have recognized the need for the construction of mega yacht marinas like the example of “Billionaire Dock” in St Tropez which Portolan Srđ in his capacity as a member of Dubrovnik Luxury Travel management board visited

Portolan Srdj
Srđ Portolan & DLT Management Team

back in March 2013 on the incentive trip Srđ took part in together with Portolan’s colleagues from DLT and its sister company Adriatic Yacht Services. Talking to some of the yachts’ captains Srdj was perplexed by the lack of the knowledge captains had about the Albanian, Montenegrin and Croatian side of the Adriatic and marina facilities that were available to them on their trajectory to Venice.

The importance of branding was another issue Srđ Portolan stressed about when Srdj talked about the development of luxury tourism in Dubrovnik as Croatia’s top destination within the destination itself. As Portolan Srdj junior learned from Portolan Srđ senior the recognition of the moment like in any business cycle curve prove to have been the secret ingredient in the winning formula of success in the story of Dubrovnik and for that matter in the wider context of Croatia’s tourism as well. Portolan Srđ prompted that the saturation of the rent-a-car market simply strengthen his belief that the servicing of luxury clients within the destination, providing that this service is of the highest possible quality, is the future of his brands positioning within the luxury segment of the market.Portolan Srdj

Even within this particular segment, Srđ sees the future in the close co-operation of the owners of luxury villa accommodation and the providers of the luxury services. For instance as far as Dubrovnik is concerned, the Old City will always attract visitors for its preserved beauty. However, for the luxury guests who are accustomed for the high level of service facilities Dubrovnik is not in the league of the top French Riviera destinations. On the other hand many would argue that it is not cost effective to invest in the so called additional value determinants. Portolan Srđ understands why entrepreneurs are discouraged to invest in the high class luxury villa accommodation

Portolan Srdj
Luxury Dubrovnik Villa

because it is difficult to achieve ROI let alone its reasonable rate. Portolan Srđ believes that this is due to short length of the season. That is why Srdj states many opt out to restoring residence houses and present them on the market as villas. We support Srđ’s theory as generally speaking everyone works in its full capacity in the tourism sector in Dubrovnik for the period of 60 days which is not enough to make it till the end of the year. Srđ is a firm believer that the short duration of the season is off putting the investors in general as for starters the opportunity cost is high. We understand Srdj’s statement as it does not make sense to open a luxury restaurant which is going to remain empty for the rest of the year.

Portolan sees strong MICE sector in Dubrovnik as Croatia’s top destination as something that might save the day. Furthermore, Portolan Srdj sees marketing issues as many travel agencies lack the adequate marketing funds to promote themselves on the exhibitions around the world. Srđ for his part realizes that the support of the airline industry plays a pivotal role in making the MICE story a success.

Watch out this space for Portolan Srđ views on the current developments in Dubrovnik and Croatia luxury travel market news.

Uloga elitnih (luksuznih) brandova u budućem razvoju hrvatskog turizma;DULUX u suradnji sa Srđ Portolan

Srdj Portolan
Srdj Portolan, a member of DLT management board

Ovaj članak nema znanstvenu vrijednost, već u svojoj cjelini predstavlja stručni osvrt na potrebu i funkcionanost razvoja luksuznih brandova u turističkoj destinaciji. U tom kontekstu je i njegova povezanost s daljnjim razvojem luksuznih brandova u okviru razvoja hrvatskoga turizma. U materijalnom svijetu “opipljivih” stvari pozicija branda je kristalno jasna. Ona se temelji na sinonimu kvalitete. Reci čokolada i pomisao je na Dorinu, reci voda i misli te vode na Janu. Bajadera je s druge s trane sinonim za luksuzne čokoladice. Svi ovi izlazni brandovi imaju u osnovi kvalitetu i tradiciju.

U uslužnom sektoru situacija je znatno drugačija. Tradicija odnosno njen nedostatak kočnica je razvoja pružanja usluga kad se govori o luksuznim brandovima u turizmu Republike Hrvatske.

Strategija razvoja turizma u Hrvatskoj prije rata prvenstveno se odnosila na razvoj masovnog turizma. Danas, u vrijeme izrazito visoke elastičnosti turističke potražnje i potrebe za detaljnom segmentacijom turističkog tržišta, nedostatak luksuznih brandova ponovno vodi k omasovljenju turizma.

Pitali smo Srđa Portolana, člana uprave Dubrovnik Luksuznih Putovanja, o čemu je zapravo ovdje riječ. Srdj Portolan nam je objasnio da smo u prošlosti u okviru planske ekonomije imali vrlo jaki ulazni brand podpomognut državnim poticajnim sredstvima. U bivšoj Jugoslaviji Yugotours je kao turoperator bio nenadmašivo ime jugoslovenskoga turizma. Srđ Portolan nam dalje tvrdi da danas u Hrvatskoj ne postoji domaći luksuzni turistički brand jedinstveno

zbog tržišne ekonomije koja sama po sebi donosi segmentaciju tržišta. Upravo iz tog razloga, u okviru luksuznih putovanja, pojavile su se segmentirane marketing agencije. Portolan nam u produžetku otvoreno kaže da agencija čiji je Srđ član uprave u svom luksuznom izdanju nije ništa drugo nego produžena ruka agencije koja za brand ima svakodnevno radno izdanje. Srđ Portolan naglašava da je Srđ Portolankvaliteta luksuznoga branda na zaista visokoj razini. Srđ tvrdi da je vrlo teško od početka pokrenuti luksuzni brand, a iz razloga optimizacije stranice i teškoće izbora zvučnog imena. Razlog zašto se on opredijelio za ime Dubrovnik Luxury Travel je upravo zbog optimizacije. Portolan ukazuje da se zapadni model luksuznih brandova u turizmu temelji na imenu pojedinca. Kao primjer navodi Wandu Radetti, jednu od najboljih američkih agenata za hrvatsko tržište koja je sama po sebi luksuzni brand.

Srđ Portolan
Srđ Portolan & DLT Management Team

Srđ Portolan nadalje smatra da će se razvoj luksuznih brandova u okviru hrvatskoga turizma vrlo vjerojatno odvijati kao produžena ruka radnoga branda.

Ostaje za vidjeti tko će biti nova hrvatska Wanda Radetti.