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The importance of Adriatic Sea as a yachting destination in the Mediterranean basin, viewed by Srdj Portolan.

Srđ Portolan
Srdj Portolan on business trip in Monaco

Puerto Benus and Portofino, the first one near Marbella, the second one near Genova have been the playground of the rich and famous in the yachting world. Add the dosage of St Tropez and Sicily and the circuit of the yachting world for the rich and famous is closed. Srđ Portolan, a member of the Adriatic Yacht Services executive board explains that after the yachting season finishes around St Kitts and St Lucia and when another one starts in the Mediterranean basin, the Adriatic sea comes at the bottom end. Srdj Portolan, Darijan Portolan and Kristian Vrbanic, all three members of the Adriatic Yacht Services were shocked to realize Srdj Portolanwhen they went on their French Riviera business trip back in 2013 that the vast majority of the captains take the Italian coast route to Venice and back. Srđ tells us that lack of marinas and in particular the lack of super marinas for mega yachts prevented the captains to use Croatian coast on their way to Rovinj and making that last bit of trajectory journey to Venice.

Portolan stressed that captains are unsure of what to expect in Croatia, Srđ continues to tell us that he utterly understands their concerns. Srđ Portolan is among those who believes that one of Croatia’s most profitable state companies ACI Marinas, needs to privatize even larger slice of the share capital.

Srd Portolan
Srdj Portolan

Furthermore, Srdj believes that such measure would lead to the construction of mega yacht marina something Portolan and Co witnessed on their visit to French Riviera’s Billionaire Docks. Srđ Portolan states that the state’s involvement into promotion of Croatia as Europe’s next must visit yachting destination would play a primordial role in steering the captains’ attention towards Croatian marinas.

Srdj Portolan
Srdj Portolan, a member of Intercon’s management board.

Not everything is black as it seems to be as the Adriatic sea marina sector is growing rapidly. Porto Montenegro in Tivat, Montenegro is a typical example of the theory “ When there is a will, there is a way” In true adage of an ex-soldier Srdj Portolan concludes “Who dares wins”. Remains to be seen whether something like Porto Ragusino is on the horizon that in the eyes of many would turn Dubrovnik into new Monte Carlo. Watch out this space!


Interview with Dubrovnik Luxury Travel Operations Manager Mr Kristian Vrbanic

Could you tell us more about Dubrovnik Luxury Travel and your role as Operations Manager?

dubrovnik luxury travel operations manager
dubrovnik luxury travel operations manager

Dubrovnik Luxury travel has been a market leader in the luxury segment for the past 15 years, here in Croatia and in the region. We are proud that we have served the world’s most powerful clients. Each year our base of luxury clients is growing.

If I were a VIP client, what would be your best recommendation to explore Dubrovnik and Croatia?

Croatia is a country of over 1300 islands. There are many National Parks like the world renown Plitivce Lakes, Krka waterfalls, National Park Brioni, president’s Tito ex-residence, National Park Kornati, an ideal destination to charter a yacht or perhaps do a spot of sailing. In one word, Croatia is a country of many beautiful spot. My recommendation to explore Croatia is the sea way from Dubrovnik to Split. I would charter a yacht from Dubrovnik, I must say that the both, Dubrovnik airport and Split airport are well connected with the rest of the world. En route from Dubrovnik to Split there are many beautiful towns like Cavtat, picturesque Mediterranean town close to Dubrovnik Konavle wine region. The next one is the medieval town of Korcula on the island of Korucla, a birthplace of Marco Polo. I must say that Korcula has excellent gastronomy and white wines, Posip. I like diving and the island of Vis is my favorite. There are so many wrecked ships from the Second World War and would you believe sunk airplanes. Sea next to the Blue Cave just like in Capri, has the best sea visibility in the whole of the Adriatic. There are no sharks.

Croatian sailing at its best
Croatian sailing at its best

What about this island of Hvar. Is this a must see island?

Oh, Hvar is simply amazing! This is a must visit destination for all those chartering yahct, sailboats, catamarans and this is also party island, it’s Croatian version of St Tropez. Carpe Diem, Croatian best known night club and lounge bar.hvar

Tell me about this upcoming destination, Split?

diocletian palace
diocletian palace

Split is originally a Roman city, the remains of the Diocletian palace are still there. It is the second biggest town in Croatia. What I like about Split that its Old City is quite unique, good choice of restaurants, good shopping. Transportation wise, it’s a hub for islands, ferries run from Split port to the islands of Hvar and Brac. Split Airport is well connected to all European destinations. Krka National Park is nearby and the towns of Sibenik and Skradin.

Where do you see the development of Croatian luxury market ?

I see Adriatic as a destination not only Croatia, but Montenegro as well. Adriatic has a pristine clear sea, islands, it is only two hours away from London and Istanbul. Top investors have recognized this. Dubrovnik is building a golf course and luxury villas. At the moment there is a shortage of luxury villas in Dubrovnik and the whole of the Adriatic. I have clients contacting me on daily basis to enquire about the hire of luxury villas. Luckily I have few on the books. Continuing on this subject of investing, in Montenegro for instance, there was a British-Russian investment into marna project Porto Montenegro. There is even bigger marina being planned. Montenegro will be a starting point for the luxury yacht cruises and this would include Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik, Zadar. I really see the future of the Croatian tourism on the whole and in particular the luxury market segment in the nautical tourism.

When I, Srdj Portolan and Darijan Portolan went for a business trip in France we saw a true example of nautical tourism model with a supportive infrastructure and this is what we lack.


Mr Kristian Vrbanic, thank you very much for taking your time to talk to us.