Oscars 2017

Oscars 2017

Oscars 2017, what a performance. And these great “cock ups” can only happen in La, La Land otherwise known as Hollywood. The fact that the wrong card was read out by one and only Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, in my humble opinion speaks for itself. Oscars 2017 stole the show and became once again the world’s top news.

I have not seen neither Moonlight, Oscars 2017 Best Movie nor La La Land but the Oscars 2018 will belong to Robin Hood, The Origins as Dubrovnik acts out as Nottingham. The producers are mesmerized by the Old City’s look and transformation and I entirely cannot blame them for that eternal source of history that Dubrovnik retells each time it is featured on screen.

The association of the world cities with the film industry is an excellent move as long as it is carefully planned in a rather sustainable way. The merchandising of it, if not carried out in a somewhat controlled manner could have damaging consequences. The last thing any city authority wants is emergence of cheap shops displaying T-shirts of Robin Hood. The cultural merchandising is a way forward, promoting museums and location venues for concerts and cultural events alike.

Dubrovnik will never become Monaco as both places are unique and appealing in their own ways and more appropriately Dubrovnik must not become Monaco but it however must create a brand out of its cultural heritage and Croatian identity.

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