cook up

Cook up experience starts from Croatia

Cook up is a new revolutionized cooking experience, a platform designed for the kitchen enthusiasts to share their experiences and equally aimed at those food lovers who want to indulge themselves in a gloriously prepared food. Based on the principles of cook, eat and share, the platform enables cook up chefs to prepare food, organize dining events or share knowledge thus making additional income. Equally, those interested in a quality prepared food are able to order food from cook up chefs, could eat at their place or could also hire a chef for special occasion. One can also make a social impact and help people affected by the world’s hunger problem by just using the app.

By using the blockchain, transparency , trust and inclusion are safeguarded enabling secure and automated transactions within the app through smart contract. Furthermore, chefs receive Chef tokens for their services which will be able to trade on exchanges or for that matter use within the app. All transactions of funds to charity organizations are carried out automatically through smart contract, making it fully transparent and free of banking fees. Almost two billion people without bank account can use the app. Also all user reviews will be written into the blockchain making them publicly available.

At the end of the day it is a very simple process for the world’s largest kitchen without the kitchen in a true sense of a world. By using your credit card, Ether ( ETH) or other crypto currencies you obtain a Chef token used for food ordering, video calls with Cook up chefs or for placing ads within application.

The team behind the Cook up project are the influencers from Mint Media Ltd, DLT’s long term partner.