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Does Dubrovnik lack in high quality summer season event offer?

Srđ Portolan believes that Dubrovnik has a solid combination of cultural and entertainment activities during the summer season. Srđ continues to state that Dubrovnik Summer Festival, in itself is an srđ portolanestablished cultural brand which enables visitors to taste the unique experiences of the Old City summer open scene theatre combining Shakespeare and Držić ( Dubrovnik born renaissance writer of  black comedies ) or it is a chance to hear the echoing of Ivo Vojnovich’s famous Dubrovnik Trilogy ( pre-second war established writer ) who has so well described the fall of  the 19th century Dubrovnik Republic. Srđ Portolan believes that staging Dubrovnik born and bred writers and classical composers, Srđ gives an example of Luka Sorkočević, is one of the best way to promote local heritage in particular that of the Old City. However Srđ Portolan admits that perhaps Dubrovnik Summer Festival lacks modern day cutting edge touch and in this recession hit times visitors to Dubrovnik and the natives need a beauty to their eyes. Srđ Portolan elaborates that perhaps Miss Dubrovnik Summer Festival ought to be a regular feature. I laughed at first but then when I googled Miss America srđ portolan dubrovnik summer festival2014 I realized that Srđ was right and that his idea was not at all loony. Miss America is USA  and even world’s biggest non-profit organization sponsoring the education of women between the age of 17 and 24. Miss America 2014 winner Kira Kazantsev will opt out to become a law graduate. Srđ Portolan suggested that perhaps with the existing ACMT or the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology already in Dubrovnik and perhaps if the winner of such manifestation can get scholarship for ACMT that would be an excellent way of demonstrating where a cultural manifestation with the elements of beauty can have entertainment factors and be beneficial for the local community. The biggest sponsor of Dubrovnik  Summer Festival is VIP, Croatian telecoms company. Srđ Portolan believes that perhaps Dubrovnik Summer Festival ought to incorporate fashion show elements. Srđ believes that perhaps summer edition of CRO A PORTER could be an excellent opportunity to launch young Croatian fashion designers that would have an excellent channel of marketing, direct one where the visitors, the tourists can purchase their garments directly. Such manifestation would draw a larger number of competing sponsors and would raise not only the profile of Dubrovnik but Croatia on the whole. Srđ Portolan is of the opinion manifestations that bear the local character such as Dubrovnik’s famous “ each part of the town has its street party” type are important not only as the entertainment to the visiting tourists but also to the locals as well as they are integral way of maintaining local tradition. So next time when you are in Dubrovnik and you see posters advertising “Gruška Noć” or “Noć Uvale” rest assured that it is a party night ( noć ) to be remembered for.

As Scotland decides on the referendum about its fate, we have asked Srđ Portolan what impact this may have on the tourism industry in Croatia ?


Srđ Portolan answers that there is no place for politics in any business and that the referendum on the Scottish independence is no exemption. Srđ Portolan, privately has a degree of sympathy towards those Scots who are in favour of the yes vote because he himself is a patriot and he has been involved in the creation of the Croatian state.srđ portolan scotland New countries such as Scotland believes Srđ Portolan if it happens should maintain neutrality. Dubrovnik had excellent charter and regular flights with Edinburgh and Glasgow. However, Portolan believes that new Scottish State if it happens could trigger a new wave of referendums across Europe. First on the map may be Catalonia and South Tyrol whose independences could possibly have dual consequences. New Scottish state must apply to join the European Union although Portolan sees no reason why they should do so as they hold large reserves of British oil and gas. However, the disappearance of the Great Britain as it once were, would mean possible uncertain political power future of that country which might turn the rest of the British economy towards the recession in which case people would travel less. The European travel sector becomes more competitive than ever Srđ Portolan continues as Spain are Greece have recorded substantial increases in the revenues generated according to Croatian daily newspapers Slobodna Dalmacija whereas Croatia’s growth has been minor, that of 1.9%. Srđ Portolan sees this twofold opportunity because if Scotland goes its own way and Catalonia follows, this may shift the attention of investors towards Catalonia itself and elsewhere, Croatia included. Independent Catalonia may stand the srđ portolan croatialittle chance of entering EU because of the Spanish vetto. In a strange way if one takes this angle of analysis the Scottish vote of independence is important for the future of Europe, possible new economic crisis would make citizens of Europe more cautious when it comes to travelling abroad on holidays which might have serious effect on the recovery of the Croatian economy as it is closely linked to the tourism industry. Although Srđ Portolan is very optimistic when it comes to Dubrovnik and its Old City. Srđ states that crisis or not this would not stop rich clients from travelling and as Dubrovnik is orientated towards the luxury segment of the market, it is safe for now. Furthermore, Portolan concludes that Dubrovnik as an international tourist destination brand should be looking more in the direction of the Far East and both Americas,as new markets, especially the Latin one which is reinstated by the fact that his companies had a 50% increase of enquiries from countries such as Mexico and Brazil.


We have asked Srđ Portolan why is Dubrovnik so specific as a destination?

Srđ Portolan has been in the foreground of Dubrovnik newest era of its tourism prosperity since 1995 and Srđ has talked about Intercon travel agency humble beginnings on numerous occasions in the aftermath of the 1991-1995 war conflict. Srđ Portolan openly admits that he was learning the ropes of the trade as he went along and Srdj Portolan is a firm believer of the philosophy that a human being is learning all the time and that in this process of life cycle one is bound to make mistakes and regrettable decisions. Perhaps Srdj Portolan view of Dubrovnik as top destination is a biased one. But then again I would not blame him as he grew up in the part of Dubrovnik overlooking the Old City and the island of Lokrum which are great inspirations for any native of Dubrovnik. Srđ Portolan evokes the time when August 25 would mark the end not only of Dubrovnik Summer Festival but would also bring the ring of the school bell closer to home. Srdj adds that this would shorten the time spent on his favourite St Jacobs beach where he and his mates spent srđ portolan st jacobsdays on end playing two of their classy games: card game “tresheta” and the water sports game called “picigin”. Srđ Portolan believes that tourists can learn a lot about Croatian cultural legacy by visiting Dubrovnik and in particular Dubrovnik Old city. Srđ Portolan, has been an award winning manager on a number of times ( according to Croatian Institute of Business intelligence and ). Srđ is right in his statement that a simple game of picigin which consists of keeping the small palmed size plastic ball up in the air the longer the better as one displays acrobatic skills of a ball saviour while the players’ feet are deeply buried in shallows of the sea water, is on the par with the top team building exercises that ever it were. Portolan adds the aim is to do your up most best for the people in your circle. One should even argue that the game of picigin resembles to Google +, the only srđ portolan piciginphotos you were sharing with your picigin circle friends were that of famous football players once the World Cup was in the headlines. What is more, the architectural beauty of the Old City was born out from the philosophy of common good and freedom in all its forms and shapes. The freedom of movement was well respected during the years of Dubrovnik republic and although Bing search engine may have come handy to find the services of such and such merchant at the end everyone knew their place as far as business and social connotation and etiquette was concerned. The last two survived the modern age as you do not need facebook, twitter to find your friend sipping his favorite coffee in the coffee shop where he has been surrounded by his inner circle of friends. Srdj Portolan remembers Dubrovnik Old City bloggers who were back in the mid-eighties strolling Stradun and literally shouting resourceful information about happenings at the time. The late Tomo Separevic was true Dubrovnik’s “origino” which translates as someone with bundles of personality. Despite the fact that he was shouting the news about the current political situation ( political blogging ) he observed the golden etiquette rule of Stradun walking. You never run on Stradun and you never shout after someone. It is not by chance that Srđ Portolan having visited so many destinations recalls the old Dubrovnik adage:

“Go everywhere but always come home !”

Srdj Portolan te kako se razvijao dubrovački turizam nakon Domovinskoga rata

Tvrtka Intercon Dubrovnik prošla je dugačak put razvoja od svojih skromnih početaka kao rent a car agencija davne 1995. do današnje renomirane turističke i pomorske agencije. Pitali smo Srđa Portolana, člana uprave Intercona Dubrovnik, koliko se toga promijenilo u razvoju turizma otkada je njegov otac također Srđ Portolan hrabro odlučio krenuti u rent-a-car poslovanje, netom nakon završetka

Srdj Portolan

Domovinskoga rata. Srđ nam je objasnio da je njegov otac znanje i iskustvo stečeno kroz dvadesetogodišnji rad na raznim razinama poslovanja u turizmu jednostavno primjenio u njihovoj tvrtci. Portolan mlađi nam nadalje naglašava da je u svakoj vrsti poslovanja imperativ imati viziju. Srdj je tu viziju imao za luksuzni korporativni segment turizma.

Srđ Portolan dalje elaborira da je u vrijeme odmah nakon završetka rata veliki broj stranih državnika posjećivao Dubrovnik i Hrvatsku te je njihov dolazak predstavljao zlatnu priliku za oblikovanje cjelokupne usluge servisiranja njihovoga dolaska. Srdj nam je rekao da je u to vrijeme imao ono što se u svijetu „biznisa“ zove “zlatna koka” u djelatnosti rent-a-car-a te da se mogao usredotočiti na razvijanje luksuznoga korporativnoga segmenta. Srđ Portolan nam je priznao da se dubrovački turizam, po njegovom mišljenju, razvija u smjeru omasovljenja, odnosno kvantitete a ne kvalitete, te da nije siguran u njegov krajni ishod. Srđ nam dalje objašnjava da su male agencije prepoznale mogućnosti u segmentu rent a cara i krenuli kopirati jedni druge. U toj konkurentskoj borbi „malih“ veliki igrači namirisali su priliku te su svojom jačinom u količinskoj sposobnosti da ispostave auto bilo gdje poklopili male konkurente i to s najpresudnijim čimbenikom: cijenom.

Iznenada Srđ je bio suočen s gašenjem jednoga segmenta turističkoga tržišta koji mu je omogućavao da se usredotoči na razvijanje svoje tvrtke u drugim smjerovima tj. da pronađe najprofitabilniji segment. Srdj nam kaže da se u danome momentu, poučen uspjehom servisiranja korporativnoga diplomatskoga segmenta, odlučio razvijati u smjeru kvalitete i luksuza. Srđ nam dalje predočitava kako je dolaskom diplomata i političara nastupio i dolazak slavnih i „jet seta“. Srdj se nadovezuje te nam govori kako se naglo javila potreba za pomorskim agentima budući da su se slavnSrdj Portolani vozili morskim putem. Srđ nam dalje objašnjava kako je Intercon Dubrovnik od rent-a-car agencije postao pomorska agencija. Srđ je također uvido da je pojava branda u luksuznom turizmu presudna za daljnji razvoj njegovog poslovanja. Tako su i nastala dva branda: “Dubrovnik Luxury Travel” za putnički dio te “Adriatic Yacht Services” za pomorski dio agencije.

No Srđ Portolan se tu ne zaustavlja. Srdj obožava sport, tenis, trčanje, ronjenje i sve adrenalinske sportove. Srđ je veliki motivator te rado osobno provjerava usluge koje plasira na svojim web stranicama. Na nedavno održanome incentivu kojemu su prisustvovali svi djelatnici “DLT-a” i “AYS” Srdj je bio oduševljenSrdj Portolan slobodnim padom niz kanjon rijeke Cetine dok je priključen na sajlu pod adrenalinskim naponom izbacivao svu nakupljenu negativnu energiju smišljajući pritom kako bi bilo idealno uvrstiti ovaj pad kao dio incentiva za nadolazeće grupe. Prema nekim slobodnim procjenama sve je veći broj mladih profesionalaca koji žele obići pojedinu zemlju i upoznati njene prirodne ljepote i kulturnu baštinu kroz ovaj oblik turizma.

Srđu poželimo sreću u njegovim nadolazećim poslovnim aktivnostima u nadi da će i ovaj segment turizma doživiti svoje luksuzno izdanje u novim podvizima Srđa Portolana