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Croatian silver national football heroes!

Yesterday was be all game of all games for the Croatian national football squad. In the exciting final game of the World Cup 2018 in Russia, at Luzhniki stadium, followed by the billions word wide on their TV screens, the French team won 4:2.

croatian football team


Today, Croatian football heroes are expected to receive a glorious welcome back reception at Zagreb’s Jelačić square. Prior to this epic match, DLT’s team members were busy co-ordinating several private jet charter flights to Moscow for our clients.


In the same manner as Croatian National Tourist Office’s website received up to 250% higher number of visits, DLT’s office experience a rocket increase in the demand for private jets charter hire for the Croatian’s destination of the year: the city of Moscow.


The country experienced a fever of cheering on unity and our clients reported of the red and white chequered  euphoria at the finals. Croatians are extremely proud of their players  as the country of barely 4 million in population is the talk of the day  in the papers and digital media across the globe.

vladimir putin


Thank you Croatian “Furious”, you did us all proud!

Six Chinese policemen to patrol the streets of Croatia.

Yesterday morning, in front of St Blaise’s church in Dubrovnik and prior to the World Cup final where national teams of Croatia and France were to battle for the World Cup trophy, a ceremony took place whereby six Chinese policemen were incorporated into a project titled “Safe tourist season”



This is the fist year that the Chinese policemen were to be shoulder to shoulder with their Croatian counterparts, making their presence known in three Croatian counties: Dubronik- Neretva, Zagreb and Lika-Senj, the last county being frequented by Chinese tourists because of Plitvice Lakes.



The credit for the organization of this event goes to Intercon’s and DLT’s operation manager Kristian Vrbanić who acted in his capacity as a co – ordinator for the Chinese embassy. His excellency Hu Zhaoming, the ambassador of People’s Republic of China was present at the ceremony together with Dubrovnik’s mayor Mato Franković, Nikola Dobroslavić, Dubrovnik- Neretva Deputy Head and Frano Matušić, the secretary of state in the Ministry of Tourism



The six Chinese policemen were welcomed by Dubrovnik’s police deputy commissioner Željko Prša who highlighted the fact that Croatia is the country with the rich tourist tradition and the tourism represents the pivotal part of the economic growth. Any country orientated towards its tourism industry sees safety as one of its important factors. As a result, Croatian police force took necessary steps to maintain a high degree of safety together with its foreign police forces representatives.


It is also worth mentioning that the Chinese tourists’ visits to Croatia are following upward trends and the last year more than 100 000 Chinese tourists visited Croatia. With a prospect of a direct plane line to be established between Zagreb and Beijing and Dubrovnik and Beijing these figures are to grow considerably.


Cook up experience starts from Croatia

Cook up is a new revolutionized cooking experience, a platform designed for the kitchen enthusiasts to share their experiences and equally aimed at those food lovers who want to indulge themselves in a gloriously prepared food. Based on the principles of cook, eat and share, the platform enables cook up chefs to prepare food, organize dining events or share knowledge thus making additional income. Equally, those interested in a quality prepared food are able to order food from cook up chefs, could eat at their place or could also hire a chef for special occasion. One can also make a social impact and help people affected by the world’s hunger problem by just using the app.

By using the blockchain, transparency , trust and inclusion are safeguarded enabling secure and automated transactions within the app through smart contract. Furthermore, chefs receive Chef tokens for their services which will be able to trade on exchanges or for that matter use within the app. All transactions of funds to charity organizations are carried out automatically through smart contract, making it fully transparent and free of banking fees. Almost two billion people without bank account can use the app. Also all user reviews will be written into the blockchain making them publicly available.

At the end of the day it is a very simple process for the world’s largest kitchen without the kitchen in a true sense of a world. By using your credit card, Ether ( ETH) or other crypto currencies you obtain a Chef token used for food ordering, video calls with Cook up chefs or for placing ads within application.

The team behind the Cook up project are the influencers from Mint Media Ltd, DLT’s long term partner.

Oscars 2017

Oscars 2017, what a performance. And these great “cock ups” can only happen in La, La Land otherwise known as Hollywood. The fact that the wrong card was read out by one and only Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, in my humble opinion speaks for itself. Oscars 2017 stole the show and became once again the world’s top news.

I have not seen neither Moonlight, Oscars 2017 Best Movie nor La La Land but the Oscars 2018 will belong to Robin Hood, The Origins as Dubrovnik acts out as Nottingham. The producers are mesmerized by the Old City’s look and transformation and I entirely cannot blame them for that eternal source of history that Dubrovnik retells each time it is featured on screen.

The association of the world cities with the film industry is an excellent move as long as it is carefully planned in a rather sustainable way. The merchandising of it, if not carried out in a somewhat controlled manner could have damaging consequences. The last thing any city authority wants is emergence of cheap shops displaying T-shirts of Robin Hood. The cultural merchandising is a way forward, promoting museums and location venues for concerts and cultural events alike.

Dubrovnik will never become Monaco as both places are unique and appealing in their own ways and more appropriately Dubrovnik must not become Monaco but it however must create a brand out of its cultural heritage and Croatian identity.

Intercon proudly presents Mediterranean Yacht Agents


Intercon, Dubrovnik’s travel and maritime agency has become the part of Mediterranean Yacht Agents’ network. Kristian Vrbanić, who represents Mediterranean Yacht Agents for Croatia has recently returned from the world famous Mediterranean & Adriatic Yachting Fair.

Q:Kristian, could you tell us your first impressions?

A:Well, I was surprised how little the area of the Adriatic is explored and therefore marketed among the yacht charter companies.

Q:Why do you think that is the case and do you believe that  this trend will change in the near future?

A:I believe that I can answer this second question. The world of the yacht charter is changing dramatically with the emergence of Porto Montenegro. May is the month of Cannes Film Festival and this is the time when Monaco shines. The mega yachts are emerging and after the festival are cruising towards Sicily. This is the crossroad, where they turn towards Turkey and Greece or they enter the Adriatic  at Porto Montenegro. Porto Montenegro is an appealing option as it offers tax free fuel and on the top of this Montenegro offers charter free contract if the passengers board then and there. This is where their Adriatic Yacht charter begins.

Q:And where does it take it from here?

A:From Porto Montenegro, they enter Croatia, Dubrovnik, Korcula, Vis, Hvar Split for a 10 day charter of they may continue all the way to Venice, for a fortnight charter exploring the beauty of Croatia’s 1000 islands.

Q:How about Turkey and Greece or Malta?

A:Unfortunately, it seems to me that due to the political situation, there will  be less traffic in these waters.

Please visit for more info on your Adriatic yacht agent.

Business insider: Korčula on the 30 must see places list for 2016.

Business insider: Korčula on the 30 must see places list for 2016.

Business insider, business, technology and celebrity website has put the island of Korčula on the list of world’s 30 must see tourist spots for 2016. This online media has joined the ranks of New York Times and Huffington Post who have previously written about this rather unspoilt island full of vineyards and olive tree groves, beautiful bays and blue Mediterranean sea waters.

It has to be said that this island has a great potential in the development of the medical tourism as the county’s only medical rehabilitation center is situated right at the end of the island of Korčula. So this news should be welcomed as the business online publications are bringing the island to the attention of business population and general public alike and this may bring potential investors   in the game of re-development of the state run rehabilitation center. One has to reinstate the fact that the niche development of tourism sector and  in particular the openings in the medical segment of the Croatia tourism market has a great deal of potential. It must be the integrated part of any government strategy as the best know destination such as Dubrovnik may enhance the prospects of having rather successful pre and post season revenues.

The branding of Dubrovnik as a medical center of excellence also ought to be done as the project such as Golf Srđ have got the green light. Looking from the personal and professional perspective it is such a shame that little support and government funding has been geared towards the medical agencies. To my knowledge very few exist on the territory of Croatia, practically none in the city of Dubrovnik.

Beauty and know how are two ingredients which go together in any formula that has a happy ending to the story. When the opportunity knocks one has to recognize its potential and its general scope and the opportunity only gives you one shot so we better get the right one. 

Author: Srđ Portolan


Explore Croatia Tour

Explore Croatia Tour

So if you are shouting I must visit Croatia this summer, then you are reading the right blog. In the next couple of lines I am going to explain what are the best routes to take to explore this beautiful country of ours. If you have decided to book your own flights or through your agents then aim to reach Zagreb in the morning hours. The capital of Croatia is naturally the starting point of your Explore Croatia tour. If you happen to aim at the luxury end of the market, and you also happen to have luxury agent, this is mainly the case with the USA, please make sure that you do not get ripped off. More often than not your trip to Croatia is just transferred on the shoulders of Croatian agency partner which is doing all strategic planning and is getting paid a fraction of what you are paying to your longstanding travel agent “chums”.

We at Dubrovnik Luxury Travel, advise our potential clients to have faith and book directly your Explore Croatia tour with a Croatian travel agency. The majority of them do indeed start in Zagreb then move south towards Dubrovnik before flying out of Zagreb again. When you make a query it does make common sense to outline your budget and places of interest, are you inclined more towards gastronomy, nature or culture. This is how you show that you are a potential client and it is important that you are not in the business of just squeezing the info out from the agent. Believe me you would be sussed out and many agents would make you unrealistic offer just to get rid off you.

Croatian travel agents make their profits in the transport of the tourists and this is done by getting the best deal out of the guy that in the 90% of the cases is the owner of the subcontracted vehicle. The cost is not passed on to the client We at DLT happen to own our own mini van and are always at the disposal to make you a good offer. However, what tourists fail to understand is the empty work of the different type of vehicles during your visit Croatia tour. This is a one more reason to take up Croatian agent who knows the business. I’ll try to explain this. When visiting Croatia it is enough to engage just one agent who will ensure that the rest of your journey is taken care off. You plan to get Zagreb – Dubrovnik route by the combination of land and sea routes. You engaged Dubrovnik based agency as you will need them to get a custom tailored excursions to Korčula, Mostar and Montenegro. Dubrovnik agency engages its Zagreb partner to welcome you. The afternoon tour of Zagreb is organized for you. The following day Zagreb partner takes you to Split with a stopover at Plitvice Lakes . This is a day two of your tour. The third day is mainly spent on Split sightseeing and getting you from Split to Hvar by a speedboat weather permitting. The fourth day is a one day yachting experience of Hvar and Vis. The fifth day would count as the expensive one and it is your yachting transfer experience from Hvar to Korčula,Mljet Elaphiti islands. This sea routes counts as a huge memorable experience and any other way to reach Dubrovnik and many would say, we would get a ferry from Jelsa on Hvar to Makarska mainland, is just a huge miss. Why is it a bit expensive. It is because the agency needs to pay out the fee for bringing the yacht empty once you get dropped off in Dubrovnik. This is the catch of the so called empty work phenomenon. Day six Dubrovnik Old City sightseeing. Day seven a visit to Montenegro, Day eight a visit to Mostar. Day nine getting some rest and saying good bye to Dubrovnik and day ten flying out of Dubrovnik via Zagreb home wherever is home for you.

Author: Srđ Portolan

Star Wars Episode VIII film crew invades Dubrovnik

Star Wars Episode VIII film crew and actors have invaded the Old City of Dubrovnik. After successfully appearing in the Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik Old City’s main street Stradun has been transformed for the Star Wars Episode VIII movie set. This will significantly boost the city’s tourism industry which may  become new rising star of the film tourism industry. Great news for local businesses too so it was a great pleasure for my part that Intercon got involved with Disney production of the movie, catering for the transportation needs of film crew and actors alike.

Dubrovnik Old City’s unprecedented beauty and that of its surroundings are rather attracting for movie location hunters and this has even prompted the major of Dubrovnik to build a film studio. Does this mean that Dubrovnik is moving in the direction of Hollywood ? Could we possibly witness the sign resembling that of Hollywood seeing the day of light on Srdj Hill above Dubrovnik? Why not say I. Film industry is great for the luxury real estate business and perhaps this is just what Dubrovnik needs to improve further its status as the most luxury destination on the Adriatic coast.

And with the projects such as Gruz Marina, currently being undertaken and that of Golf Srdj Hill about to start, Dubrovnik is starting to resemble the European luxury destinations. What would be the icing on the cake for Dubrovnik’s  prosperity is the establishment of tax haven in the city itself. This in itself would bring the investments and would open a whole range of new opportunities.

James Bond 007 Dubrovnik

James Bond 007 Dubrovnik? Well after Star Wars have chosen Dubrovnik as the film setting for their next episode, the rumor is that the city authorities are negotiating with the production of James Bond movies about the possibility of filming a Bond movie. 007 is a true luxury brand from the tourism aspect. In a sense it would not only sell Dubrovnik as a destination, we all remember Leonardo  DiCaprios’s the Beach, and filming scenes during the opening hours in Rome Colosseum. but it would also force big luxury clothes and other luxury good manufacturers to finally show up on Dubrovnik’s main street Stradun.

On the other hand, the opportunities for the international real estate market and yacht manufacturers are endless. Come on, admit it even you are not mega rich it would be an experience of a life time to go on a yach trip around Dubrovnik islands and be James Bond just for a day. Holidays are story telling experiences. How many times did you who had visited Dubrovnik, told your friends that you visited Dubrovnik, alias King’s Landing from the Game of Thrones. To be honest, it was my topic of conversation at the parties when I visited famous casino in Monte Carlo just because it was featured in James Bond movies.

James Bond is a superhero of any time and place. Because of the fact that he is timeless, personally I would like that the film setting for the next Bond movie be in Dubrovnik. That would be a true Goldfinger for the generations to come. It would also further enhance the profile of Dubrovnik on the international scale that it really deserves. And finally it could possibly wake the city up from the winter deadliness that it is currently experiencing. So, James Bond you have license to enter the city of Dubrovnik and if I were the mayor of Dubrovnik I would even put this agent on the payroll. I am certain that he would be the best travel agent that would sell Dubrovnik as a destination.

Srđ Portolan comments on the latest development in the yachting world, CADIA 45 E

Srđ Portolan views Croatian innovators’ role as crucial in the development of the first luxurious electric  yacht. Porotlan continues in his observation of the fact that Cadia executives have visited  Mate Rimac of Rimac Cars  to pick up the brains of the  Concept One, luxury speed electric car innovator. Srđ Portolan informs us that the first electric yacht is yacht is planned to be 10.2 m in length, maximum speed of 55,5 km/h. The  full load is up to 3 h/133 km at the speed of 44,4 km/h.  The boat is extremely light (3630 kg ) and manufactured with environmentally friendly materials.

Srđ Portolan welcomes crowfunding as the way of raising finances and believes that the new government ought to facilitate this way of raising capital. Portolan adds that a staggering amount of the 20 % stake in the Cadia company is to be raised by issuing shares to the ordinary public at 1 EUR per share, the minimum bundle is that of 50 shares.

Bearing in mind the fact that Croatia has a large number of innovators and quality IT solutions software developers,  Srđ  Portolan believes  that the new Government ought to offer tax incentives to the companies which are raising the funding capital in this way and as Portolan views it this move would definitely  attract more foreign investment and would make Croatian economy more sustainable.

Srđ Portolan cannot wait to see these environment friendly beauties sailing the Adriatic.