Croatian silver national football heroes!

Yesterday was be all game of all games for the Croatian national football squad. In the exciting final game of the World Cup 2018 in Russia, at Luzhniki stadium, followed by the billions word wide on their TV screens, the French team won 4:2.

croatian football team


Today, Croatian football heroes are expected to receive a glorious welcome back reception at Zagreb’s Jelačić square. Prior to this epic match, DLT’s team members were busy co-ordinating several private jet charter flights to Moscow for our clients.


In the same manner as Croatian National Tourist Office’s website received up to 250% higher number of visits, DLT’s office experience a rocket increase in the demand for private jets charter hire for the Croatian’s destination of the year: the city of Moscow.


The country experienced a fever of cheering on unity and our clients reported of the red and white chequered  euphoria at the finals. Croatians are extremely proud of their players  as the country of barely 4 million in population is the talk of the day  in the papers and digital media across the globe.

vladimir putin


Thank you Croatian “Furious”, you did us all proud!

Six Chinese policemen to patrol the streets of Croatia.

Yesterday morning, in front of St Blaise’s church in Dubrovnik and prior to the World Cup final where national teams of Croatia and France were to battle for the World Cup trophy, a ceremony took place whereby six Chinese policemen were incorporated into a project titled “Safe tourist season”



This is the fist year that the Chinese policemen were to be shoulder to shoulder with their Croatian counterparts, making their presence known in three Croatian counties: Dubronik- Neretva, Zagreb and Lika-Senj, the last county being frequented by Chinese tourists because of Plitvice Lakes.



The credit for the organization of this event goes to Intercon’s and DLT’s operation manager Kristian Vrbanić who acted in his capacity as a co – ordinator for the Chinese embassy. His excellency Hu Zhaoming, the ambassador of People’s Republic of China was present at the ceremony together with Dubrovnik’s mayor Mato Franković, Nikola Dobroslavić, Dubrovnik- Neretva Deputy Head and Frano Matušić, the secretary of state in the Ministry of Tourism



The six Chinese policemen were welcomed by Dubrovnik’s police deputy commissioner Željko Prša who highlighted the fact that Croatia is the country with the rich tourist tradition and the tourism represents the pivotal part of the economic growth. Any country orientated towards its tourism industry sees safety as one of its important factors. As a result, Croatian police force took necessary steps to maintain a high degree of safety together with its foreign police forces representatives.


It is also worth mentioning that the Chinese tourists’ visits to Croatia are following upward trends and the last year more than 100 000 Chinese tourists visited Croatia. With a prospect of a direct plane line to be established between Zagreb and Beijing and Dubrovnik and Beijing these figures are to grow considerably.